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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins What we want for christmas

I want Santa Claus to know, that some Voxengo fans would like a clean NON linearphase "Marvel EQ" for christmas :)

And yes, I've been a good boy .... (crossing fingers)

Thanks for your request.  I can't guarantee such version or update will be released, though - most graphic EQs are minimum-phase anyway.

Yeah, those very few and questionable that are around, are min phase.  They're not Voxengo, won't have the sound, stability, transparency, nor a great GUI.

Depending on how it is made, it could be as simple as removing just the 'phase reversal' portion of Marvel EQ's processing code, and change out the label a bit :P

Anyway, it would make a great addition I think.  I'd use that even more than I use Marvel EQ now :)

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