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thanks for the wonderful plugin!

it would be handy to have a highpass filter and well as the lowpass (especially with mode2 at high drive settings) and with a bit more option to go lower with the output gain.

at the moment when i crank up the drive in mode 2 (which sounds great) i cant balance the sound with the bypass because i cant go low enough with the output gain, so i just have to reduce the whole track level.

instead of going from -12 to +12 how about going from -20 to +4, for example?

i'm not sure how often it is needed to increase the output gain by +12, certainly in mode2

Thanks for the feature request, but I do not plan to extend Tube Amp's functionality.  Also, I do not see a problem with the output gain - at 48dB drive you can set the Out Gain to -12 and the output RMS power is lower by 4 dB than the level of the original signal, so there's enough range.  The positive Out Gain range is there for the "Sat" function.
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