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i'm sorry that i keep breaking it! :)

its a great free gift, so thankyou!

The "red line" bug is not really a bug - the red marker should shift to 24kHz the moment you start playback.  This is due to VST protocol - the plug-in knows the sample rate only when the playback has started, before that moment it uses a default 44.1kHz value.

(i didnt check back here for a while)

no, the red line persists the whole time i'm using a project.

on some projects its there, and on some it isnt.

all the projects are 48/24 and on some of them there is the red line, on some there isnt.

if its there at the start, then it stays there all the time, no matter how long i'm in it, or how many times i play it.

on other projects it's never there, not from the moment it first loads or throughout use.

i dont know what are the common factors between projects that have it, or whether it is always there in certain projects and never in others.

perhaps i should make a note and look for factors.

on the older projects i always used SPAN1 before i changed to the new version, and i never had the red line issue with the first version

We've investigated this issue and it can't be plug-in's issue.  Make sure your project sample rate is actually 48k.  If you see the unexpected red line, please check the project sample rate - it can be different than you assume.

every project is 48/24

every old project i reopen, and every new project i make, they are all 48/24

ok, i found something:

- if i load a project that already has the span plugin open, the redline appears for 1 second then disappears. its all fine as long as it remains open or minimised.

if i close span and reopen it then it will have the redline for the entire rest of the project.

the only way to get rid of the line it to leave span open, close the project, reopen the project and make sure i dont close span.

- if i add span to new project it has the red line always

- if open a current project that already has an open copy of span, i can add a new instance of span and the new one has the red line while the old one doesnt! :D

see the screenshot, you will also see in the project wndow it says 48/24 - every project is 48/24!

- i made a project that was 3 instances of span open. i close it and reopen it and they all have the red line (because no plugin has reported the sample rate yet?) if i then add 1 more instance of span, then all 3 original copies lose the red line but the new copy has it.

if i leave those 4 copies open, 3 will never have a red line, and the 4th always will.

unless i close any of the 1st 3 and reopen them, they they will have the line too.

ok, thats a lot of typing.

Thanks, I will check this out again - I do have Sonar X1, it should be possible to replicate the problem.

I've replicated this issue and we are planning to fix it in the next update.

While fixing this issue, I have concluded it is Sonar X1's issue - it does not really inform about current project's sample rate until the actuall processing starts - it won't update sample rate if there are no audio clips on the channel where SPAN is inserted to.
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