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hi, i'm having a couple of issues with the wonderful span 2 plugin,

- firstly i sometimes get a red line down the right hand side at the 22500 mark. i always have span set up at 24k and all the projects are at 48000 so i'm not sure why i sometimes get that red marker.

- secondly when i use the ctrl-click function on the display to isolate part of the sound, if the mouse hits the top of the display as i move it around, it shoots off to the left or right as though it was skidding on ice. it seems like the mouse movement sensitivity is suddenly multiplied many many times and it goes completely to the top left or right corner.

- thirdly i have the display set up as L with R as the underlay, so that i can see the L+R balance. both channels have exactly the same properties, but with a changing mono sound source there is always a slight delay to one channel (the underlay i presume), so the display give the impression that there is a slight difference between the channels when they are identical.

- fourthly a feature request: i would love to have the option to make the solo setting for the channels 'stick', so that if 'solo' is selected i can switch between Left/Right or Mid/Side and hear the channel selected, with just one click.

at the moment i have to select Mid, press Solo, turn off Solo, select Side, select Solo.

to be able to select Solo, and then just flip between Mid and Side would be wonderful.

certainly for the 2 channel routings this would be the prefered behaviour

anyway, thankyou again for the wonderful plugin, its the first thing i install on any project

The red line is a marker for the maximal active frequency which is 24kHz for 48000 sample rate.

We'll check the ctrl-click sweeping function - BTW, are you using some special mouse or tablet?

As for the L/R display difference on mono sound, while I can admit this small difference does exist, I do not think it's problematic.  We'll try to fix this.

Making a persistent Solo switch is a good idea, but it won't allow soloing e.g. two selected channel groups, so it's not quite flexible.

im not sure exactly what you mean by the maximal active frequency, this is something reported by any active plugins in the project?

i always have span set at 24khz as the the top range, and all the projects are at 48000, but i sometimes get the red marker at 22.5khz (im guessing that is the number from the mouse hover reading) in a 48000 project

yes, i am using a wacom pen tablet, all the other functions of the plugin respond to it perfectly and accurately, its just when it hits the top of the graph display

even if there was only a persistant solo option for the mid/side channel group only, that would be really great and useful

Maximal active frequency equals half of the sample rate.  If you see that line when the maximal visible frequency is 24kHz it means the sample rate is lower than 48kHz.

Have you enabled the global "tablet" option?

global tablet mode, let me check .... working perfectly now!

but here is what i mean about the red line, in the screenshot you can see the sonar 'project info window thingy' showing sample rate 48, bit depth 24

but span has the redline at 22500ish


Yes, indeed, there seems to be a bug preset - we'll fix it, thanks for noticing!

ah, there is one problem with selecting tablet mode - when i am using the ctrl-click frequency isolation, when i am getting close to the top of the display the text info and the crosshairs disappear well before reaching the top.

under some circumstances the info and crosshairs disappear above the -16db level, and reappear when below that

this doesnt happen when tablet mode is not selected.

when tablet mode is not selected, using ctrl-click has the info and crosshairs all the way to the top of the display

it happens with and without crosshairs selected

The readout text jumping from the top to bottom when you hover near it is normal - this also happens when you are using the usual mouse - it was made that way to clear the area where a control point is moving.

no, what i mean is that the info disappears completely from the display when the mouse is above a certain level -

showing at this level:

but disappears when the peak is higher:

the info is disappearing from the bottom but not appearing at the top.

if i try and can make it disppear with the mouse right at the bottom!

like this:

this is in tablet mode, it seems to work ok when not tablet mode

Understood, we'll check that out, thanks!  I'm sorry for the issue.
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