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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins can't get VST to work in audacity.

I'm using audacity 1.3 beta.  I unpack the Marvel GEQ set up in a folder inside of the plug-in folder of audacity.  When I start up audacity though, it is not there under effects.  Am I looking in the wrong place?

I think you should unpack the plug-in in a more specific folder where Audacity expects the plug-ins to reside.

where else besides the plug-in folder could I put it in? inside the plug-in folder there is nothing other than plug-ins.

I suggest you to contact Audacity support staff, forum or user guide for assistance.  I'm not enough familiar with Audition to give you any exact suggestion. for example is a good place to ask such questions.

I figured out what it is. there is an option button that needs to be checked to see if new plug-ins have been installed or not.  It works!

OK, glad it worked after all!
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