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is it possible to add a bar graph view option to SPAN?  Just The way it's done in Pinguin spectrum analizer.

This is the way of displaying spectrum divided into a number of jumping bars or vertical stripes of the same width and it mymics some studio spectrum monitors.

Sometimes these bars are changing its color relative to amplitude or divided into several colored sections that become visible if frequency band amplitude is over set threshold value which is more prefered.

In many cases it's more convinient and helpful way to display spectrum.  Easier to see and understand what happens.

Thanks for the suggestion.  SPAN is a FFT analyzer while "studio spectrum monitors" are usually discrete-band analyzers.  SPAN implements "spectrum smoothing" which is quite close to such discrete-band spectrum display.  I'm not interested in adding bar graphs.  For bar graph display please use Soniformer - it is very close to analog spectrum analyzers in design.

thanks. but soniformer isn't freeware )
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