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as i did look at the frequencyresponse of marvel eq in vst-plugin-analyzer, i had a look at the phase-plot, which shows that the phase is not linear, but constantly dropping from 1khz to 20 khz .

is it a wrong measurement or is marvel eq not phase-linear, as i was assuming ?


mathias berghoff

try updated version! current is 1.1

Marvel is table like linear phase true 64bit float(if host supports) with sound\noise ratio somewhere about 360db

It's linear-phase.  It is either vst-plugin-analyzer or your measurement method is wrong.

thanks for answers, i suspect vst-analyzer.....


mathias, the problem you mentioned exactly had place to be in v 1.0 now in v 1.1 there is no such an issue

but im talking about Win x86 version of Marvel- so may be under Mac or x64 this issue still is who knows?- send Aleksey you results

vstanalyzer is very simple and not perfect but some useful info it could give

Audio processing code is identical for both Windows 32-bit, 64-bit and Mac OS X.

thank you macho,

i thought i had already installed 1.1, but i had 1.0

the update fixed it, now vst-analyzer is showing flat phase (i apologize for suspecting this helpful and innocent little program :-)))

i am on windows 32 bit here.

this eq is really a nice one, thank you, aleksey!


You are welcome!
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