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Hi Aleksey

could you add delay compensation to all your plugins(incl free) with minimum phase oversampling by 4, 5 and 6 samples for x2,x4 and x8 modes correspondingly! bad idea to compensate it by yourself...

since necessary to use in nonlinear plugins (tubeamp forex) but shift is significant!

The delay in min-phase mode oversampling is not constant for all frequencies - compensating for 4-6 samples may not be worth it at all.  It will work in some cases, but not always.  Beside that, it is usually hard to attain phase coherence of the higher frequencies, so any phase shift there does not make things worse.

If you are using "parallel mixing" technique I suggest you to put a plug-in at neutral settings on the "dry" track.

yes of course i missed this! -4-6 samples on what sample rate?

problem is that while tracking dont use oversampling and then it could bring a mess to matched patterns.

to put bypassed oversampled copy on other tracks seems bad solution as well -many copies with x8 oversampling - you need x8 i7

so what i can say in conclusion?-will stay rely on ears:)...

4-6spls compensation will work normally and will be better solution on two main rates 44 and 48 since shifts in time less then 1spl are almost not audible

only problem could be with 88+khz but who need this for x8 oversample then...


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