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Hi there

I am using Voxformer (V 1.5) in Canopus Edius V 3.0.  I like the use of Voxformer very much, it is really easy.  But there is a problem.  When i pull the effect on the clip and made the settings there, than, very offen, a short crack (this is not the crack every 45 seconds if you use the trial).is to hear.  This crack or better to say drop off is only to hear if i use voxformer.  After I took of the effect from the clip, there is no drop off.  Most of the time the drop off is to hear, so I had to make many trials to burn the project on DVD.  If I am lucky, than I got a clean.

I first thought this problem was in my computer but after I build a new one with actual parts (intel i7, Windows 7 64 Bit etc.) and make an uprgrade to Edius Neo 3.0 (before I use V 1.00 and 2.00) I have to encounter that drop off again.

Have you heard about that problem before?  Is the any solution?

Thanks a lot in advance


PS: Sorry for that strange englisch (I am not a native speaker)

I've seen your support ticket which I was going to answer.

I'm not sure the problem you are mentioning is related to Voxformer.  It may be Edius problem - it cannot be resolved from our side.

(Voxformer has its own dedicated forum, Voxformer is not a free plugin).

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