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In the "ads" section under settings for SPAN, Crunchessor and VariSaturator both have the same description.  I believe Crunchessor is missing the correct description, since waveshapping is only mentioned for VariSaturator here on the site.

The default average time (under spectrum mode editor/spectrum analyzer) in SPAN is 2000ms, in GlissEQ it's 1000ms, and in HarmoniEQ it's 500ms.  Probably nitpicking, but not sure if you want one default default for consistency so pointing that out.  Didn't check the other presets.

I know that the manual says SPAN doesn't show peak RMS too, but is that ruling that feature out forever?  Sometimes I use the TT Dynamic Range Meter, and it shows peak RMS I believe and it's just so reactive and I kinda like that.  SPAN doesn't move as much in readings compared to TT.

Thanks for the correction on the ad text.

The defaults are indeed different - that's because I was changing it from time to time.  I do not see much problems in this difference - I believe many users have their own preference anyway.

The peak RMS is shown on the output level meter - you can adjust the integration and release time in the Settings window for better response.

No, I mean an exact numerical number for RMS.

For example I took one super compressed song and played a section back and it made the meter drop to -4.4 RMS for brief times, while SPAN stayed pretty static at -6.2 and it didnt' even look like it was moving.  I tried it on something else too and it's RMS numbers took longer to react.  It's more snappy fluxuates a lot more.

I uploaded a small comparison at this link:

I do not think adding "exact" RMS numbers are useful since they are varying - level meter shows them much better.
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