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Yeah, I know.  This topic has been brought up earlier but I haven't been able to solve this.  And now I can't find the thread in the forums anymore.

I am using OS 10.6.5 on a Mac Pro with two admin accounts and one user account.  I install all plugins from a admin account.  From there, everything works as expected.

But when I log in to the other admin or the user account the AU validation tool fail to validarte the Voxengo plugin.  This affects all Voxengo plugins I have tried except Latency Delay:

Span, MSED, Sound Delay, Crunchessor, Soniformer, Elephant and GlissEQ.

I suggest you to check permissions on the plug-in components so that they are "Read only" for everyone.

Thanks Aleksey!

I've set the voxengo plugins in read only-mode for all users.  They now register in au manager.

The free ones works as expected.  The bought ones are in demo mode when I use them in another user account than the one who registered them.

How do I make them registered in the other accounts?

You have to register in each account, because product key information and settings are stored on per-user basis.

Could you please tell me why do you need to use several accounts?  This does not seem to be a common practice.

Perhaps it's not common practice.

I'm working in a shared space.  Two main users (me included) with separate admin accounts and one user account for occasions when the studio is hired without its in house staff.

Edit: Is it possible to locate the product key and copy it to the other accounts?

Your product keys are listed in the User Area - you can't locate a key within plug-in itself.
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