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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins I don't know how to download the free au plugins

can somebody tell me how to download the FREE plugins into fl studio 9.

i tried the instructions on the website and i am confused as fuck.

You should download 32-bit VST plug-ins - they work with FL Studio 9.

my computer is a 64-bit. when i put the .dll file into the vst plugins folder for fl studio it says it cannot open, make sure you have installed it properly?

how do you make these free au plugins work in fl studio????

As I've replied above, please download VST 32-bit version.  AU plug-in versions are for Macintosh computers.

okay. but i thought like it it's not 64-bit then it would not work also.

Plug-in should match FL Studio 9's bit'ness - which is 32-bit.
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