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Hi, if i wanted to process a stereo recording in MS - do i duplicate the track and insert an instance of MSED on each track in inline mode, and process 1 as mid - and 2 as side - then combine at the stereo buss?


Yeah, that's one way to do it.  But on the MID channel you might create new side channel data with a stereo FX.  On the SIDE track you might create new mid channel data with plugins!

I don't think you want this.

I often do it with 4 tracks

-> track 1 with the audio file and MSED in Encoder mode

this gives you the MID signal on the left channel and the SIDE signal on the right channel

-> now track 1 output needs to be disabled from goind to the master. we route the left channel to a new track 2 instead. right channel goes to a new track 3.

-> pan track 2 hard left and track 3 hard right

-> disable track 2 and 3 from going to the master and send them to a new track 4 instead (this track is the only one going to the master)

-> now you can freely put plugins on track 2 (MID) and 3 (SIDE)

Track 4 of course needs MSED in Decoder mode inserted.

Thanks for the reply dandruff:

If i was only using eq and compression would i still get the (mid) information in the side channels and vice versa?

If the channels are linked in the eq and the compressor it should work I think.

Hi Dandruff

Yes 2 x same stereo channel -

channel 1 = msed mid (side muted)

channel 2 =msed side (mid muted)

Summed at stereo buss

I meant the channels in the plugins.
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