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I know that Span is capable of multi inputs.  How can i set them up?  When i go to the routing windows i only see input L and R, i don't have IN1 TO IN6.

I'm on a mac and my version of SPAN is 2.2.

I can see the several inputs in a drop down menu when i click input left or right.

This isn't possible in SPAN.  I suggest you to check out GlissEQ which offers multi-spectrum view capability.

There difference between windows and mac version?

(i think i ve misexplain my primary question)

miaousse, there is difference between VST and AudioUnit versions.  Many VST hosts have quite a lot more flexible routing than AudioUnit hosts.

In any case, SPAN allows you to monitor only two spectrums at once.  This is usually enough for L/R channel stereo monitoring - this is also available in AudioUnits, you may check the "Stereo Mastering" preset out.

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