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Not really a bug per se, but I was wondering why Voxengo plug in GUIs instantly disappear when I click on my desktop with Wave Editor (WE) open, and some other manufacturer's plug ins stay open?  Likewise, if I open a new file in WE and it covers part of a plug in GUI, sometimes I can just click on a part of the plug in still visible again to bring it to the forefront with other plug ins, but with Voxengo plug ins I have to click on the generic plug in header or double click it in the Layer drawer to make it wholely visible.

Here's a screen recording showing what I'm talking about.

Xenon stays on screen if I click on my desktop, but Elephant disappears.  Likewise clicking anywhere on Xenon when it's partly obscured brings if back to the forefront, but with Elephant only double-clicking it in layer drawer or clicking in the generic WE header for the plug in makes it completely visible again.

Not happening with just these two plug ins, I see this with multiple Voxengo plug ins I have.  I've notified Audiofile as well, but thought I would ask you too.

I do not think this is a problem, and I'm pretty sure this is a correct behavior, because you are switching off the context of the WE application.  On the other hand it may be WE that tries to hide the plug-in UI - I'm not sure we do this intentionally, there's a whole standard OS UI layer exist behind the UI.
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