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I installed tube amp 2.2, but tube amp does not output any sound even though the meter shows that it is working.  Other plugins can output the sound, but only tube amp cannot.

I am using foobar 2000 with George Yohng's VST wrapper running on Windows XP SP3.

I setup DSP of foobar2000 in the following order: Resampler (SoX) mod => George Yohng's VST Wrapper => Advanced Limiter.

The output of foobar200 is the ASIO driver of Musiland Monitor 02 US.

Thanks in advance.

I think this may be a problem with the wrapper that does not handle VST2.4 plug-ins well.


You are welcome!

I found that foo_dsp_vst.dll authored by CannibalZerg works with tube amp 2.2.

I got the dll file from the following URL.

Thanks again Aleksey for creating wonderful work.

OK, glad to hear.

Maybe it can also be fixed with the "No multi-channel operation" option disabled.  At least that fixes problems in Samplitude ...
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