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i have a little problem with Studio One and SPAN 2.1.  If i open the GUI of SPAN in S1 my CPU jumps from 5 percent usage to 40 percent (S1 performance meter).  Together with Ableton Live everything works as expected, no performance change.

Steps to reproduce

- Create new empty song

- Insert SPAN 2.1

- SPAN: change the mode to HIGH RES

I have posted this issue in S1 forum as well: S1 Forum

Do you know if this is an issue with SPAN or Studio One, or maybe my graphic card?

Thanks in advance


Win 7 32 Bit

i7 920

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5

S1 1.5.2

SPAN updates its display quite frequently.  If Presonus uses some advanced transparent displaying functions on top of plug-in's UI, this may pose a problem.  It's not an issue in SPAN I think.

Hey Aleksey,

thanks for your quick answer!

I will post your information in the Studio One forum if that's ok for you?

This is OK, you are welcome!
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