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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins can't get SPAN to work in FL Studio 8

Windows 7 64bit

Ive tried everything i possibly could...  I used both 32 and 64 versions...old versions and the latest versions....when I try to open the plugin in FL Studio it gives me a message saying

" Sorry but this plugin couldn't be found or opened...If this plugin has to be registered please check that you registered it correctly "

yes I do have the dll file in the correct folder...Ive even tried copying it in every vst folder on my harddrive ( even the effects folder ) yes i did the refresh shows up in the effects list but it gives me that message everytime

i see on many different websites that people seem to use this in FL Studio a lot...but i cant seem to get it working...can someone please help

I do suggest you to ask for assistance on FLStudio forums - this problem seems to be FLStudio-specific.

ok thanks

You are welcome!
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