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I can see that the new version 2.1 is much more versatile than 1.91 version that I've been using, however I find 2.1 somewhat confusing to use.  My main usage is to put it on my main bus in Sonar and have it display stereo left at right sides simultaneously.

I have got it to apparently do this after some fiddling with the options, but I'm never quite sure what I did to accomplish this.  Every time I insert a SPAN 2.1 on a track I have to diddle around with it for a while to get it setup.

I much appreciate you making these free plugins available, but I'm going back to version 1.91.

Save your settings as (default)preset.  Done.

You could also load "Stereo Mastering" preset which is tuned to show two channel spectrums.
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