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Since plugins can be informed of offline render state by the host, why not disable processing in SPAN during offline renders?  I don't see any reason why several used SPAN instances should be running during a offline render.  In fact we could save quite some CPU and time if SPAN would do nothing in this case.

If the UI of SPAN is closed it does not take CPU cycles.

Ok, but why do I have to close it?  Can't this be done with opened GUIs too?

Also I've just tested it with closed GUI.  The graphics are not taking CPU cycles.  But SPAN still does.  I have to bypass it to really make it not using CPU!

So this (bypassing) can't be done automatically during offline renders?

Example (Test):

20 SPAN instances on a single track in REAPER with one audo file.  SPAN GUIs all closed.

-> Fullspeed Offline Render

=> 5.7x realtime speed

Bypass all SPAN instances

-> Fullspeed Offline Render

=> 29.5x realtime speed

So that's quite some difference.

SPAN does take some CPU, but it's very small.  Your test is seriously flawed, because "hard bypass" is not possible inside the plug-in, be it offline mode or not - plug-in still has to accept input and produce copied output.  Other than that, when GUI window is closed SPAN is already as efficient as I can make it.

Ok.  Thanks!
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