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Feature request: Is there a chance we could have a feature like "Guidelines" added to SPAN, guidelines you pull out from the side/bottom "ruler" like in some graphics programs?  I could be very useful for tracking certain frequencies etc.  Today I used SPAN for an audio file of three actors speaking and there was some de-essing needed.  So in such a situation it would have been nice to have a guideline to mark the different essing frequencies for, in this case, a male and two females.


This feature won't be available in SPAN - but future GlissEQ version will have a similar feature.

What about crosshair cursor/guidelines at the mousecursor when having the mouse in the sprectrum view?

I do not see a need in crosshair guidelines, because spectrum is horizontally-oriented and it already has guidelines on spectrum power scale.


It wasn't that bad idea then ;)

I'll have to go for Voxformer prior to GlissEQ though...


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