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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins All Voxengo plugins work as mono only in Energy XT

So that's the problem.

When I for example open Latency Delay in the modular view, I get 8 inputs and outputs, but they all convert the signal into mono :/

How do I remedy this problem?

Otherwise the plugin seems great, I can align my Elevayta Spaceboy with it, since it makes over 90ms delay and PDC is not so great with effect chains in EXT...

Some of the latest plug-in versions have the "No multi-channel operation" global switch which allows hosts like EnergyXT that do not support multi-channel plug-ins correctly to operate in stereo mode.

EnergyXT quite frivolously treats multiple IO of the plug-in as several mono inputs while in reality it is a single multi-channel bus.

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