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-> Stereo Mix

-> insert MSED and mute MID signal

-> insert SPAN 2.1

=> Correlation Meter doing nothing.  PHA-979 and RME DIGICheck both give "-1.0" readout.

Who's wrong?

I cannot reproduce the problem - SPAN 2.1 shows -1 here as well.

Here it doesn't.  REAPER project to reproduce: span-correlation-meter.rar (346 kB)

Screenshot: span-correlation-meter.png

Your project works fine here, too.  I'm using Reaper 3.4

Can you test with my Voxengo plugin settings?

voxengo-audio-plug-ins.rar (3.32 kB)

Well, it must be due to "density" metering enabled - we'll fix this bug.  Thanks for noticing it!

You're right, thanks!  Forgot that this setting also get applied to the correlation meter.

FIXED (2.2)
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