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I did a search here but didn't come up with anything that seemed easy enough to follow -

i need a step by step..

for instance i am recording with 2 mics, one SDC in cardiod mode, and then a fig-8 ribbon turned so that the middle is facing the guitar

i am assuming the LDC = mid

and the ribbon = side

what exactly do i do with these two seperate mono files in order to use this plugin properly?

I have done mid/side before but in a different way... not sure if it was the right way.,

You have to pan LDC mic hard right and ribbon mic hard left before passing the signal to MSED.

ok so this is how it looks in reaper:


and this is what it sounds like:

and in the mix:

is mid/side good for dual guitars?  Like if i want to pan them out afterwards? or does that defeat the purpose?

Sorry, I have mistaken above: mid should be panned to Left, side to Right.  Please try this arrangement.

ok this is what it sounds like now:

this is with two of those guitars, but panned a bit l/r

one track alone:


here is one of the guitar tracks alone, panned center

Well, that last image still shows Mid panned to Right.  MSED expects Mid channel to be at the Left, Side channel to be at the Right.

doh, sorry

here it is panned the way you mention


here are both tracks, slightly panned out... is it ok for me to pan the msed tracks out?


Sounds good this way in Decode mode.  However, the Left channel requires phase flip after decoding (in the essense it's the same as swapping Mid and Side in the first place - so I'm wondering if your Mid is really Mid and Side is really Side).  A future MSED version may have the required phase and channel flipping options.

actually i am in "inline" mode.  This is not correct?

plugin 1:

plugin 2:

"Inline" mode is incorrect because it assumes you already have a normal Left/Right stereo signal.

So, for the best results please pan the way I initially (incorrectly) suggested: Mid to Right and Side to Left, then use the "Decode" mode in MSED.

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