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I do a lot of film/TV and biggest problem is 'allowing room' for dialog and sound fx WITHOUT taking all the life out of my scores.  This simple plug 'carves' out the middle just enough to make it all sit well.

My Q is simple - I usually start at about -2.0 / +2.0 but have found that even -3/+3 or more works without 'phasing' issues.  Of course our ears are final judge but interested in others settings in such an application.

Way to go Aleksey - an ongoing fan of your work!!!

MSED cannot create phase issues (incoherence) in principle.

Sorry Aleksey for the incorrect explanation given.  TO me - TOO much of MSED sounds like the stereo image actually gets narrower (like phase cancelling).  Not sure what electronically is happening there but my Q for the forum is 'where is everyone setting this' for film and TV work where they are trying to carve out the middle for fo such things so that the music doesn't get turned so low relative to it - there is no 'life' left in the music.

For sure our ears are our final judge - just a curiousity Q is all. :)

Too much MSED creates 180 degree phase difference - this is, of course, not desirable.
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