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I'm not sure if I am using ST correctly.  I understand that it takes a mono signal and turns it into a stereo output.  I am using Pro Tools 8 with the RTAS/VST plugin wrapper by FXpansion.

I am mixing 4 vocal tracks together, and am trying to figure out the intended usage of ST.  I've tried bussing all 4 vocals together into a stereo aux channel and applying ST to that, but when I do that, I lose the panning separation I've specified in the individual vocal tracks.  In the bussing configuration, I've tried adding some dry signal of each vocal track to the mix, and get the panning back somewhat, but of course, the whole mix is much louder.  I've also tried adding ST as a mono/stereo insert into each individual vocal track, and then using the pan controls on the output channel strip to get the panning I want.

- Is the output signal 100% wet, and should be mixed with some dry signal?  If it is 100% wet, that means this plugin should be used on an aux channel, adding to the final mix.

- If the output signal is not 100% wet, that means ST is better used as a channel insert FX (mono/stereo mode in PT8).



Stereo Touch does not preserve panning.  As mentioned in the user guide, Stereo Touch treats each input channel individually as mono signal, and then converts each channel into stereo signal.  ST is best used as a channel insert (it works as 100% wet process), with panning applied after processing.
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