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Hi, I downloaded it, and I can't seem to get the item to show up in my Logic Pro 8 instrument slot, on the channel strip.I can only find it in my Kore 2 plug in.I read the instructions and placed it in library/audio/plug ins/ components.Is there a way around this?  Thanks.

Please make sure you have downloaded Mac AU package and copied the 'component' file into the components folder.

Hi, I have done that.  And it still does note appear?  I also restarted the computer.

Sorry, I can't tell what's wrong.  To my knowledge, it works fine as long as it is placed into the correct folder.  Maybe you could ask for help on Logic forums?

It's alright!  I got it going now.Thank you for your time.Happy Healthy 2010.

You are welcome!  Happy New Year!
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