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i love tempo delay, i can turn on bpm sync to tap the delay because my reaper DAW has BPM tap midi learn, but it only goes, like most DAWS do, to 250 BPM max.

id like to turn bpm sync OFF and have a tap button beside the BPM knob, or even just have the tap control available even if the GUI doesent show it at all, so that when i choose 'learn' in reaper there would be a 'tap' control thatll take a button.

theres the 'bpm' knob shows up in midi learn, because reaper lists all its params, but it of course will only work with a knob. i suppose youd have to actually add a tap-to-bpm algorithm to have tap button or even hidden tap control available... any way limiting BPM by tap to external sync to bpm where external program has the tap-to-bpm algorithm is frustrating since they think youd never need faster than 250 its hard coded out!

I understand your needs for a tap pad - however, I'm not quite sure about its usefulless, because mouse tapping can't be very precise.

Beside that, right now Tempo Delay update is not of priority, so it may take some time before an update is released.

its not for mouse tapping, its for control surface tapping, which requires a control parameter in the plugin, IE reaper will control every parameter in any vst plugin, the parameter just has to be there. even if there was no tap pad GUI but the control was there 'hidden' id be happy.

the bpm control isnt sufficient because reaper only goes to 250 bpm so i cant tap in a slapback delay.

you know, this delay does almost everything that ohmboyz, one of the most popular delay plugins, does. it could become far more popular... im going to be using it instead of ohmboyz on all my live shows and i bet itll get a few more users.

OK, I understand.  When I get to updating Tempo Delay, I will add this control.
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