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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins Voxengo Span and win7(64bit) + cubase5.1(64bit) = not working. Help?

Whatever I do, I can't get cubase NOT to put SPAN on it's blacklist automatically.  It just won't appear in the plugins list.  I tried everything I could think of.  Please tell me there's a way of making it work.  This is my favorite and only analyzer plugin I've used ever since it came out.  Surely there must be a way of using it in a 64bit environment?

P.S.  I tried it in FLStudio and it works fine.  But AFAIK FLStudio is not a 64bit host..

Thanks in advance

The current SPAN version is 32-bit.  I'm not sure what Steinberg has done in their "bitbridge", but it does not accept some 32-bit plug-ins.  I cannot help here.  But SPAN will be released in a native 64-bit form in the future (not too distant).

Thanks that's good to know.  I guess I'll be waiting for the 64bit version then :)

OK, the release is soon.
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