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I was wondering if you will keep the first version of Tube Amp available for download.  I use that plug in my mastering chain as a warmifier/exciter with great success.  I haven't had the same luck with the new version yet although I'm still working with it.  Any suggestions for using the new version for this purpose?  Is the new version completely different in it's design or is it an embellished version of the first one?

I love your plugs.  I have almost all of them and use them all the time.  Thanks!

Pete Devine

The newer version is a completely new plug-in, and is now more "truthful' tube amp effect.  Previous version had elements of tube amp processing, but was mostly an imitation.  I'm not keeping previous version on download, because it is outdating as 64-bit Windows becomes widespread.

Generally, the situation is understandable - the "coolness" of an effect is a question of taste - but I decided to keep effect version which sounds better to me and is more technically advanced.

Thanks for your response.  The new version of Tube Amp doesn't have the Tube knob.  On the old version, turning that up increases the harmonic content and works great as an "exciter" and nicely beefs up the signal.  Could you add a Tube knob on a future update?


Pete Devine

I cannot add such parameter to the latest verison of Tube Amp, because the newer algorithm simply does not have such control.

Bummer.  I'll just have to keep an installer saved so I'll always have the first version available.  It works great to add harmonics at the mastering stage.  I also use the Tapebus but for some things Tubeamp works best for me.

Sorry, but I've tried to offer a more advanced algorithm - unfortunately, it does not offer the same sound.  However, your request made me think - maybe I can offer a couple of additional modes to Tube Amp.

Thanks Aleksey,

that would be great.  Thanks for your consideration.  A mode with more harmonics would be great.  I used to start from the "Strong Harmonics" preset and usually boost the tube knob a bit.  The presets were a great starting point.  On the new tube amp, what do you mean by "broadband" on the broadband presets?

Thanks for your great plugins.  I have seventeen of them and use them almost exclusively.

Pete Devine

Since the new TubeAmp features the "LP Freq" parameter, "broadband" means low-pass filter is tuned to pass full band.
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