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Aleksey - as you know I have quite a few of your wonderful plugs.  Countless times they have saved me in mixes.  Just a wonderful value for sure!

I was directed to this FREE plug (MS).  As I primarily do orchestral mock-ups I was told this is an excellent tool to 'scoop out' - little or alot (even on final mix) the 'center' (allowing just a little more room for dialog and FX over my score.

I read the manual and didn't get a lot in there but could you instruct me on the following:

1.  Which settings would you recommend for 'quick start' (for purpose as mentioned above)

2.  Should I run this MS plug on each instrument 'stem' (I have over 100 audio channels on various orchestral instruments from 3 farm units.) Running an instance of MS on each channel could be a drain on resourses.  Would running on each of the 15-20 stems be adequate to get same fx?

Thanks again Aleksey for making this available.


I can't suggest any "getting started" settings, because it depends on your audio material.

If you run MSED on stems you'll have more control over stereo width.  Beside that, MSED is not heavy on CPU.

Thanks Aleksey.  I just ended using a small amount (-1.5db on mid and +1.0 on side) - over the master buss ahead of your Elephant to really good results - subtle but definitely carved out a little in the middle of the mix - very nice for scoring / dub mixing.


You are welcome!  Sounds like a reasonably moderate adjustment.

You got it - I am really into not having any one EQ/FX draw too much attention to itself - at least on the orchestral mockups.  Unusual comtemp music - now that is another thing entirely and I think this will also help on those projects.


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