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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins request: x64 Win VST Convolution

Analogflux, Boogex, PS, etc. - none of the plugins that can load and use IRs have made it to x64 yet AFAICT.

I'd love to upgrade my Analogflux suite, buy PS, or use one of the free plugins in native x64 apps like SONAR x64.

Yes, no convolution plug-ins from Voxengo are Win64 yet.  Unfortunately, Win64 downloads are still very minor, so I have no much interest in moving everything to Win64 platform quick.  New versions and new features implementation is another question, but this also requires time to think and analyze.

Just wanted to add a voice of support to your 64bit releases, really nice to see someone moving ahead.  Just recently bought Voxformer and Varisaturator.

Anyways what I wanted to say is that of all your future releases I'm most looking forward to Boogex.  Seriously, if you would make further improvements to it's sound/features and even offer it at a reasonable price I'm sure you'd spark a lot of extra interest.  Maybe even make it a serious contender against the "famous" expensive virtual amp simulators.

Just a few thoughts, keep up the good work and no rush :)

Thanks for your message!
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