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Hi Aleksey!

Thanks for Tube Amp!

Again: I found a bug :)

-> drag the LP Freq to 20.0 Hz and release the mouse button

-> click the LP Freq button and drag the mouse down (!) and then drag it up (to increase the frequency)

=> doesn't work (knob stucked at 20.0 Hz)!

FIXED (2.0.4)

And a question: Is the lowpass working correctly?  Seems to be extreme resonant.  Just tried it on a bassdrum:

Fully opened (20.0 kHz): Bassdrum peaks at -15.0 dB

Fully closed (20.0 Hz): Bassdrum now peaks at +0.7 dB

Didn't expect the bassdrum that much louder.

Thanks for the bug with the knob - it is minor, so it will be fixed in a bit distant future.

LP freq works correctly - it is the way it works, I can't do anything about it.

Ok, thanks!

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