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is there no way to automate knobs/faders in your new plugins in groups other than the first?

Say I'm using Sound Delay with two groups (1st group = "Left", 2nd group="Right").  Now I would like to automate the delay on the 2nd group "Right".

Not possible at the moment :(

Pretty disappointed by this.  Quite huge limitation (for creative things) IMO.

I've specifically limited this since in most plug-ins this will produce a huge number of parameters (if you multiply the basic number by 8).  I may introduce control over more groups, but only if I get more complaints.  Right now this sounds like a "perfectionism" since it's very inconvenient to automate anything in Sound Delay.

It's not just Sound Delay but all your new multichannel plugins :(

I don't have any problems with huge number of parameters.  Why should this be a problem?  The inability to automate them is the problem.

I will consider this for future updates, but I do really need more feedback as automation is not what is absolutely necessary in plug-ins we produce.  You are actually the first to report a problem with this while we sell multi-channel plug-ins for more than a year.  It may simply not worth the hassle it will take.

When buying VST plugins I expect the possibility to automate it's knobs.  Really.  That's one of the main features of VST plugins.

What hassle do you have with implementing it?  I guess it would take you about 10 minutes.

Always these software problems.  I'm tired ...

Software is a usually a multi-factor problem, so your understanding is most welcome.  Some users may not like the long list of automatable parameters in the same way you want to see them.  For example in Reaper the list will be overly long - if you have many parameters, they'll overload simplicity of selecting parameters from other plug-ins.

I simply can't obey desires of a single user or it will turn into mess.

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