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I was just using MSED 2.0 last evening.  One thing I missed: Knob linking :(


-> MSED (Encode)

-> some other plugins processing Mid/Side

-> MSED (Decode)

=> Now in the second MSED instance (Decode) I needed to crank up the gain.  As it was in "Decode" mode I needed to adjust both ("Mid" and "Side") knobs by the same amount.

Any chance to implement "Knob linking" there so that we can adjust both gain knobs at the same time when dragging one of the knobs with the right mouse button?

Well, I'll add knob linking.  But I think adjusting track's volume in the sequencer is a better idea.

Thanks !  Sometimes the volume range in the sequencer isn't enough.  Always a good thing to have a large gain range in each plugin ..

DONE (2.2)
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