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most of the freebies have been updated except for tubeamp. any particular reason? will it be updated?

It will be updated in the future, but not soon.  Beside that I'm thinking about reworking it from the scratch - implement a more realistic tube amp algorithm.

wow. that was quick. just saw the new version. will check it out. low-pass is a good addition IMO

Yes, I made it quicker than planned - it seemed easier than initially.  I'll post a new beta version soon which will feature a output stage saturation switch which I plan to add to some free plug-ins.

it just keeps getting better and better...

thanx man...great usual

i really like the new question tho..will you add this low-pass filter to warmifier aswell? or is this for the tubeamp only? i'd really love to see this filter added to warmifier aswell

I can't tell if Warmifier will get a similar filter at the moment.  It is completely different to TubeAmp.
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