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thanks for the last updates!  Nice additions!

Just one thing I would like to see in Overtone GEQ:

If there's just one group in the routing, Overtone GEQ should disable the whole EQ 2 panel ("grey out" - like you do it with disabled knobs in Stereo Touch for example).  This would help to avoid visual confusion IMO ...

Thanks for the idea, but I personally think there's no much need in such "graying".

Ok, but can you at least automatically select this only group in EQ 2 too?  Sometimes (on preset change or if you load the plugin with a "only one group" default preset) the group is only selected in EQ 1.  This way you could think EQ 2 does something different.  But it isn't.  So in this case the group should get selected there too so that EQ 1 and EQ 2 do the same thing ("linked").

How does this sound to you?

Can you just look at the "No active channels" label?

Yeah I could.  But still - sometimes the group is selected in both EQs, sometimes not (depending on the previous preset or selection in that preset).  And that's just my issue with it (that it's not the same all the time).  Should be more consistent.  So my thought was to always have the group selected in both EQs ...

Do you mean you want the SAME group selected in both views upon preset load?  If so, I do not think it's useful.  Unfortunately, what you asking for will limit the freedom of group choice - there can be presets that use two groups, or more groups.  It's not just a stereo plug-in.

I know that you can use more than one group.  But if there's just one group then either

1.  Select the group ALWAYS in both EQs


2.  Select the group in EQ1 ONLY (and never select it in EQ2 automatically)

At the moment sometimes the group is selected in both EQs - sometimes not (depending on previous presets loaded or so) ...

I just want a consistent behaviour :)

Unfortunately, what you are asking for can't be fully automated, because plug-in does not "know" which group has defined settings - they are equal in that respect.  Beside that number of active channels depends on the current project configuration - so, this factor can't be used as well.

Ok, thanks!  At least you understood me now ;)
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