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HI Aleksey,

As a long time user of previous MSED it was surprising to see a new version.  Thanks a lot.

I find it a bit odd that this plugin has oversampling settings.  What does oversampling mean anything to MS process?  Isn't it just normal (L+R) / 2 * gain and (L-R) / 2 * gain?

If it really do oversampling, I would like to turn it off, but I guess it is just a left over from general plugin UI?

Any input appreciated.



You are probably referring to some early beta version which had this switch.  Latest version 2.0 release does not have oversampling since it's not needed for mid/side processing.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Though I was referring to the one I had downloaded just a few hours ago.

So that's maybe overlook then, could you please check it?

Since it may confuse begginers.



Understood. "Auto Oversampling Level" have nothing to do with MSED itself - it is a global setting for all Voxengo plug-ins.

OK all clear now.

Thanks for the explanation.

Btw looking forward to the mute switch as I also use -inf position especially to check during ms EQing.

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