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Apologizes if this has been discussed before...

I would love to see and would buy, for sure, and would even volunteer to donate funds for the development of an enhanced version of MSED that was multiband capable.

Description of Multiband MSED Pro: a VST plugin like MSED that has 2 or 3 or 4 (whatever) frequency bands like a multiband compressor.  But, instead of compressing each band independently, you cut/boost the mid and side channels independently for each band.  Crossover frequencies split the signal into bands.  Each band has controls for the crossover frequency and slope that define the band.  Each band also has MSED controls for cut/boost of mid and side channels. (The plugin also has the "inline, encode, decode" operaton modes, overall).  Multiband MSED Pro gives you the ability to cut or increase the gain of the mid and side channels for given frequency bands -- independently for each band. (The final audio stream is reconstructed into normal stereo outputs, of course).

Example: on a rock project, you want to thin out the frequencies of stereo guitars and keyboards so that the bass guitar (and kick drum, too) comes through the mix better.

How: Feed all guitar and keyboard tracks to a sub-master bus (not a send).  Add an instance of Multiband MSED Pro to the sub-master bus that receives all the guitars and keyboards.  Suppose, for example, that Multiband MSED Pro has three bands.  Set the frequencies such that the low band covers the strongest low frequencies of the bass guitar.  The middle band covers the higher frequencies of the bass guitar.  The high band covers the frequencies above those of the bass guitar.  Now, cut the mid channel of the low band.  Cut the mid channel of the middle band by half as much.  Optionally cut a tiny bit of the mid channel of the high band.

You now have a "hole" in the low frequencies of your guitars and keyboards bus, but -- and here is the key point -- ONLY in the middle of the left-right panning spectrum -- right where the bass guitar is centered!!

The bass guitar now pops out of the mix beautifully without boosting it and adding mud everywhere.  And, you still hear the all the frequencies -- including the bass frequencies -- of the stereo guitars and keyboards coming out of the side channels.  And you hear the mid and high frequencies of the stereo guitars and keyboards in the middle of the panning spectrum sitting nicely right on top of the bass guitar without extra muddy low frequencies from the guitars and keyboards thrown in.

I simulated such a plugin in a recent project (recorded with SONAR) by using an instance of EnergyXT inside of which I placed one instance of a freeware plugin called Crossover3way that has three stereo output pairs that fed into three instances of MSED -- one per band from Crossover3way -- which then all mixed together to the outputs of the EnergyXT plugin.  I tweaked the bands in the Crossover3way plugin and the cuts in MSED and it worked like a charm!  I was able to get the bass guitar to pop right out of the center of the mix at exactly the level that I wanted.  Note: Before this experiment, I had been trying to "thin out" the guitars and keyboards with standard eqs to get the same effect (using the traditional approach), but it just wasn't working very well.

This idea works great for projects where you use the common convention of centering the bass guitar, kick drum, snare drum and vocals -- dead center -- in the panning spectrum.  In order for all of that to cut through the mix, you need to carve out space, both in the eq spectrum (low frequencies) AND in the panning spectrum (a "hole" in the middle).  You don't really want to cut back on all frequencies in the "hole in the middle" -- just the ones that compete with the low frequencies of the bass, kick, etc.  Likewise, you don't want to thin out all of the low frequencies -- just the ones in the middle of the panning spectrum.  You can't really accomplish this kind of combination panning-frequency-spectrum "hole" with standard eqs and stereo tools.  But, a Multiband MSED Pro (such as the one that I simulated with EnegyXT, Crossover3way and MSED) would do the job perfectly!

For now, I can use my "simulated" Multiband MSED Pro.  But, I sure would love to buy the real thing!

Please check Soniformer out - it does offer such functionality already.

I already own Soniformer2, so it was easy to check it out.

Works great for this purpose.  Thanks!

You are welcome!
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