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When in any of the modes: inline, encode, or decode, the gain will go down to only -48 dB.  There are times when -infinity or OFF is the desired function.  The old one did go to -infinity or OFF.

Having these MSED functions available in one high quality plugin has been very nice, and I would like to thank you for having made this available at no cost to the end user.

I was just wondering why this part was changed, and if you could add back this capability.

I simply find it quite strange when one wants to completely disable one channel or the other.  Why do you need such feature?  When you have used it last time?  I know, additional options are always a plus, but I tend to "optimize out" features that are not really useful.

I just used the old one today, inline, with the mono information channel removed.  As a send, this has worked well on stereo sources that have started out with poor levels of stereo information and excessive mono information.  This allows me to quickly bring out whatever stereo information that is there without inserting a plug in each signal path that may need this kind of processing.  If another stereo track needs it, I just route a bit of the track via an aux send to the fx channel holding the plug-in.

It doesn't happen often, but I do find this very handy, even if I am using the plug-in in an unconventional manner.

It is no biggie.  If it came down to it I could still implement this manually, but this plug-in has otherwise been so handy for this, and it has worked so well and very quickly for almost any Mid-Side application I've had because this plug-in had the essential bases covered.

I do understand your desire to take out the excessive range of controls, optimizing the availability of the "good" ranges, but I believe at least the inline middle information control needs the -infinity capability.

Understood.  I will add special "Mute Mid" and "Mute Side" controls - it will be even more convenient that way.

Thanks, I often use the side set to -infinity too, as a mono summer so I can check mono compatibility of my mixes.

fgimian: Thanks, I often use the side set to -infinity too, as a mono summer so I can check mono compatibility of my mixes.

This doesn't sum to mono.

But I agree, -inf options are needed!

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