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Are there any plans for an update for SPAN in the near future?


That could be nice, indeed.  SPAN is very usefull.

do u need a new feature? i think its fine the way it is. perhaps a GUI update may be. but that is not really an issue.IMHO

No really new features, but maybe some little tweaks in order to update it, an upgrade of the GUI, and why not implementing the new Voxengo standard (M/S, true independant stereo, multi-channel routing, resizable interface...)

Patience.  AFAIK Aleksey will update all plugins sooner or later.

Yes, of course SPAN will be updated, thanks for your interest.  But it won't happen in the 'near future'.  It just funny how often same persons on this forum ask for 'near future' releases. :-) As I've replied before, it's not in my interest to release an update every week - be it free or commercial plug-in.  As you've probably already guessed, Voxengo is not a one-month show where you want to get everything best at once - I plan to do development for as long as I can.

Aleksey Vaneev: I plan to do development for as long as I can.

that is exactly why your products are well respected and why we like u. keep on the good work

Sorry Aleksey.

I'm just a fan of Voxengo plugins and like to know if my favorites are going to be updated.

No problem, thank you for your supprort!
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