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I use both Sound Forge and Audition ..  I'd like to settle on one, probably Audition, but both have features and ways of working that make it hard to settle on one.

I installed the mid-side plugin for Sound Forge and it works fine.  I tried to install it for Audition.  It shows up in the list of VST "Favorites" candidates, but is gray'd out so it cannot be selected.

Any idea why?  Pilot error? (would not be the first time .... )



Well, I can't tell - I'm not familiar with Audition's internals.  Maybe this is covered in the user's manual?  MSED plug-in should be working fine on stereo tracks.

On the subject of m-s, there is almost nothing in the manual at all beyond a brief definition of the technique.  I know people use Audition with m-s recordings but the process is strictly manual and quite labor-intensive.  I will post a query in the appropriate Adobe forum if I can find it.

You may also try forums.

Forcing Audition to "reconsider" all its plugins caused it to recognize MSED.  It works fine.  It's useful, because Audition has a nice phase plot that make it easy to see the results.  Sound Forge has a similar display, but it's not as easy to view/work with.
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