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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins Recorder sync'ed to host play button?

Is this possible?  For now, everytime I use Recorder (awesome plugin BTW) I had to manually adjust the recorded file after importing back to host, because I had to press the record button on the plugin and then the playback on the host/DAW (or vice-versa).

This can be sometimes difficult even when zooming in and manually aligning the waveform to the original file, so I need more precision to make sure the imported recorded file aligns with the original (like playback and record starting at the same time), that way I could just set a region in the host/DAW where the record/playback would start, and then importing the recorded file to the start of that region. (hope I'm making myself clear).

Could you make a feature in Recorder like waiting for host playback to start record?

Or is there any other way to star playback and record at the same time?

Thanks again for this great utility/plugin.

I have this in my todo list for this plug-in, but currently I'm busy with other tasks.  I'm sorry to tell this, but please do not expect an update anywhere soon.
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