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I have been running The Overtone GEQ in Wavelab 5.0 and have been doing some experimenting with the MID/SIDE preset, and also 2 instances of the MSED with one set to MID and the other set to SIDE.  With both MSED'S off of course you hear in stereo.  I just switch on the Mid and make adjustments with GEQ on the left side which is EQ1,then switch off Mid and switch on the Side and make adjustments on the right side which is EQ2.It has really been useful for recordings that lacked Harmonic content in either the Mid or Side,its almost like a remix in a way.  Anyway My hat is off to you Aleksey,for 2 excellent FREE plugins that are far better than some of the overpriced ones I have paid for.  Regards Skip B

Thanks for your feedback!
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