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I am wondering if Span would work okay in the 64 bit version of Cubase 4?  I am concerned as to the stability using Span with the C4 bit bridge .I know that some of your plugs are already ported to 64 bit, but I notice that Span is not one of them.  I am also using Elephant and Soniformer and I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEE them!!!!!!!  Obviously Elephant is 64 bit,but what about Soniformer?  Anytime soon? ;-)

Thanks and keep up the GREAT work.


All plug-ins will be ported to 64-bit sooner or later.  But as far as I know, Cubase4 64-bit does not properly bridge original 32-bit Voxengo plug-ins - maybe that was changed meanwhile, but this was true with Cubase 4.1.
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