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Hi, been using this plugin for yonks without issue... now after a reformat and trying to open it for the first time, I cannot set the file location; every time I click the button it freezes the host completely, cannot close without going to task manager, although does not cause the host to completely crash, as when I end the process in task manager it frees up the ASIO device; I know from past experiences this does not get freed up if the host completely crashes.  I'm guessing theres a window that comes up behind the active one and I can't select it or something...? (Using it within Renoise)

I suggest you to clear the registry @HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Voxengo\Voxengo Recorder VST - maybe it points to some wrong location by default.

Thanks for the response... but now I'm even more puzzled as there is no entry at all for \software\voxengo\ in my registry.  I actually tried searching the registry for "voxengo" yesterday before posting and didn't find anything then either... ah well don't go too far out of your way...  I guess it's free anyhow ;)

thanks for the years of use I HAVE managed to get out of this :)

Well, I'm sorry for the problems this have caused you, but at the moment I have no idea what may be wrong.

Hey, no problem - as I said above, I'm very grateful that this was free to begin with :)

Also I'm pretty certain it's some problem with my windows installation rather than your software.  Anyhow i've found a work-around solution using virtual audio cables.  Thanks for your time :)

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