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when opening when opening voxengo's GEQ:


VOxengo Application message:

An issue has happened when executing Voxengo application.

If this issue persists please contact Voxengo support staff as soon as possible.  Please

copy the following information to the clipboard by selecting its text and pressing

Ctrl+Insert, and send it via e-mail to  Use Shift+Insert to insert

information from the clipboard into your e-mail message.

zlib inflate error -2 ().

d:\libvox\Sources\Core\CInputZipStream.cpp( 37 )

d:\libvox\Sources\Core\CInputStream.cpp( 89 )

d:\libvox\Sources\Core\CObject.cpp( 62 )

Thought you would like to know

Thanks for the report...  I will check it out.  Were you using the latest Bidule version?

And, BTW, this looks like an unexpected problem.  Make sure your computer's memory is working without errors - i.e. it is not overclocked nor broken.

It is the latest bidule version.

Memory is not overclocked. and I just ran diags on it and everything came up fine.  I have been having ongoing problems with bidule with layouts that have a lot of plugins in them.  If you want to test with the layout I am using, it is at and called "Main xxxxxx.bidule" where xxxxxx is the date code.

Part of the problem with bidule is that the memory for the vst guis runs out after opening and closing the ui on about 20 plugins and bidules (one at a time).

Thanks for further details.  What do you mean by "memory for the vst guis runs out"?

Aleksey Vaneev: What do you mean by ''memory for the vst guis runs out''?

Bidule separates the audio from the gui in vsts.  That way you can still open the gui if the plugin is bypassed or muted.  If I open, then close a bunch of plugins, bidule somehow runs out of memory and starts doing things like the above error or just not loading the gui, or loading it scrambled, or just crashing the program.  The error logs for bidule point to an out of memory error, and I am assuming it concerns the gui because most of the plugins are bypassed when I open and close them, so the gui to the plugins is the only thing in contact w/ bidule.  It seems to be particular to my laptop (2 gig mem, core duo thinkpad)...It doesn't seem to happen on my desktop, which has quadcore and 4 gigs of RAM.  The boot.ini is basic, i.e. no /3g switches or anything like that on the laptop.  It might not be a problem with GEQ at all, but I am having ongoing memory/crash problems where I did not before, so I am trying all avenues to try and get this solved.


It might not be a problem with GEQ at all, and it has not happened since.

Well, if you open 20 GUIs and close them, and then unable to open any, it usually means host does not release GUI resources - i.e. upon closing them it does not free memory they occupy.  You should probably report this problem to Bidule's developer as well.

Thanks, I've told them too!

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