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Hey, Voxengo Boogex is amazing.  I currently use it on my system which is Linux.

The way I use it is by using the Windows emulator for Linux called Wine.  That turns my system into a guitar amp.

The issue with that combination is the vsts are not that stable on Linux with Wine.

Are you planning on porting Voxengo Boogex to Linux?

Currently I do not have such plans.  Direct Linux support is technically possible, but is of no interest at the moment.

Thanx Aleksey.  I guess I'll keep using it the way I have been.  The advantage I have over the Windows users is that I get to use it as a standalone which turns my PC into a rockin' amp.

Hopefully your intereset will change as Linux becomes more welcomed out there.

Great products you have.


you shouldn't have any stability problems running WINE, I run it just fine here with Reaper.

Reaper will run straight off the bat in wine with wineasio,- try that.  You shouldn't be having problems with the voxengo plugins,- they've all worked perfectly for me in linux/wine.

Kind regards

Dave Rich

I do have Reaper and I prefer Ardour to it.  I also like using vst as standalone.  Instead of using Voxengo Boogex as a plugin in the track, I just use it as a host for impulse response cab sims.

I run my preamp to my pc then use Voxengo Boogex to load the impulse files for guitar cabs.  Turns my pc into an amp.

I just haven't had any luck with distros like Studio64, LAD, or UbuntuStudio, or the other big names out there.  I use ArchLinux and it's the best for me when using audio out of all the OS I've used including Windows. (Mac's too expensive)

The latest version of wine runs the plugins very stable now.  In fact, they run like if they're a native pluign.

Thanx Dave

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