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Hello Aleksey,

I am having a problem with the routing scheme into wavelab6, weither I do a stereo or multitrack instance.

The routing scheme is now only showing one track (A), no more multichannel or even stereo available.

Since I used OvertoneQEQ last time, I 've done a couple of register cleaning, other plugin testing and so on, thus impossible to know which of those is responsible for this breakdown.

Is there any location or file to check, register content or DLL installation, that could cause this mistake?

Reinstalled both Wavelab and Overtone QEQ (v1.3 and 1.4) few times.  Still wrong.

Any idea from anyone out there?

Best regards


Do you mean that routing scheme is showing a single input and single output only?  If that is the case it means you are inserting plug-in to mono track.

It's a multitrack montage actually, and was ok before this bug happened

Also the same appears with a basic stereo file material

In both case, the plugin is inserted at the master section, not within an individual track.


I will check this out as it seems that WaveLab5 demo I have also shows 1 channel only while being used with a stereo track.

Well, after pressing "Play" channels return back.  So, I think you just need to press Play once: it is how WaveLab works, it does not tell plug-in how many channels to use before you press Play.

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