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Hi!  This is my first post here...I was just ranting on about Boogex as my favorite cab sim (again!) at KVR ( ) and I have been thinking about the possibilities of a dedicated Cab Sim from Voxengo!!

I just love the IRs included with Boogex, they work especially well with my favorite amp sim, Studio Devil VGA.  It would be great if there were a version of Boogex totally dedicated to cab simulation...maybe some killer speaker distortion/cab stress (ala ReValver's RIR speaker module) and possibly 3D stereo placement section after the cab or something....and oooh, a light version of CurvEQ after the cab IR would be GREAT for matching guitar tones!!!  It might also be cool to be able to use IRs in parallel, or use an IR in parallel with a modeled cab section to mimick mutiple cabs.  There are plenty of plugins to do all that already, but I would definitely pay for an all-in-one solution, especially if you stuffed it with even more of Voxengo's most excellent cab impulse respones!!!

Just a thought...there really aren't any dedicated cab sim plugins that I know of.

Thanks for the message.  I'm thinking about what I could offer in a 'cab plug-in' from time to time.  At the moment, I'm not ready to offer a dedicated plug-in since it won't be much different from a Pristine Space with a load of cab impulses.  I'll probably have to find good cab modeling approach first, and then move to implementing a plug-in.  This will surely not happen soon.

You need to reproduce the speaker distortion happening besides just loading an impulse responce file.

My favorite so far is ReValver's RIR because has two knobs for speaker distortion and crunch, knobs for Low and High EQ resample/hi-res modes etc.

you could add to those features:

* some parametric mid EQ section

* the loading of a curve EQ file would be an awesome feature (pre or post impulse)

* loading 2 impulses at the same time with phase align adjustment.

that would be a dream :)

thanks for the awesome plugins BTW.

Thanks for your ideas.

no no no thank you! awesome plugins.
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